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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hausbrot - Avenida Sante Fé 3253, Palermo (and various other locations)

Ok, so I admit, the name of this bakery appeals to my (half) germanic self, but if there is one thing Germans do well it's bread (that and cars, efficiency, terrible Europop and many more things not relevant to this blog...). I discovered it through one of my classmates at Spanish school on my last trip to these shores and have been planning my return. A little about bread in Argentina: it usually ranges from the fresh but tasteless variety you buy in panaderias to the salty, spongy, preservative-filled loaves you find in supermarkets. In other words, Hausbrot is a real exception.
Medialuna 'integral'

Breads range from sunflower seeded and yeast-free to linseed loaves and sesame plaits, all made with integral flour (meaning wholemeal, though the word reminds me of 'integrity', making me feel even more virtuous for choosing it over white bread). They also sell empanadas, packets of nuts, seeds and flour, and plenty of delicious cakes and delicacies that pertain to be healthy because they contain wholemeal flour and/or seeds. For myself, I am willing to play along with this fallacy if it means I have an excuse to sample medialunas (mini croissants), pan dulce con chocolate and muesli cookies in the coming weeks.
Pan zeppelin con girasol

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